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PMCScience-techIndustries(Nanjing)is a subsidiary of PMC Global. PMC was founded in 1963 and has been recognized as a specialist in the field of fine chemicals, electronics, pharmaceuticals, machinery and plastics processing. It has now become a multinational cooperation with more than 30 subsidiaries located in America, Asia and Europe.

皮姆西科技實業有限公司(PMC China) 地處于人文薈萃的歷史名都南京,由PMC英國子公司TRU-FORM提供具有歐洲航空及軍工背景的成套技術解決方案,及先進的自動化設備,專業獨到的工藝流程、及嚴格的生產管理,為電子制造業最大限度的節約制造成本,該技術廣泛應用與航空航天,軍工通訊IT醫療,工業控制及其他電子產品領域。憑籍專業的素質,專家的經驗和專心的服務,PMC已經贏得業界的廣泛認可,與眾多全球知名大型電子制造公司建立了長期的戰略合作關系。

PMC Science-tech Industries (Nanjing) is located in the area of beautiful Jiangning Science Park. With the whole set of European aerospace and military technical solutions, advanced automated equipment, professional unique process flow and superior management. The service of PMC has been widely used in the field of aviation and aerospace, military, telecommunications, IT, medical treatment and industries controlling and other fields of electronic products.Because of the professional quality, expertise experience and first class service, PMC has established long-term relationship with world famous blue chip electronic enterprises and has won great popularity in the field of attrition management.

愿    景:做行業內最受歡迎最專業的零件增值服務的領導者
        To be professional and top-rank pioneer with component value-added services in electronic community

    使    命:在保證品質的前提下盡最大努力為客戶節省成本
        Farthest approaching cost saving for customers with assured quality

        Responsibility and loyalty, Cooperation and Win-win

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